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#1 English Surname covered in this first lineage: *****BULKELEY***** Locations in ENG covered: Oakley and Buntingdale and Moore in Shropshire to Odell in Bedfordshire to Moulton in Lincolnshire and Boston (ENG)to Chelmsford MA ****Dates covered in this lineage: Mid-1300s to mid-1600s**** Surnames with direct connections to my line in ascending order of appearance: FARWELL, WELBY, IRBY,GROSVENOR,OVERTON,HILL,CHARLTON (traced back to de QUINCY-1215,KING HENRY I of France, etc),BOUNTAYN, MORTON, de BUNBURY****Surnames with sibling (collateral) connections to my line:PARKE++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ #2 English Surnames covered in this second lineage: *****COLYNGE\ to COOLEDGE* ****Locations in ENG covered: ARRINGTON to COTTENHAM to WATERTOWN MA ****Dates covered in this lineage: Late 1300s to mid-1600s ****Surnames with direct connections to my line in ascending order of appearance:FISKE,WARREN, LIVERMORE, RAVENS, MAYSE,HEDGE,BELL ****Surnames with sibling(collateral)connections to my line: STONE, BROWNE, BOND, BISCOE, GODDARD, SMITH, BRIGHT, BRIDGE, GOLDSTONE,RICE,KING, SPOONER, SHERMAN, WELLINGTON, MADDOCK, PALGRAVE,ESSEX,CRACKBONE, ROBBINS, BARRON,DAWES,MIXER, FAIRBANKS. MORSE, RUSSELL, WHITEHEAD,FABRAM+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ #3English Surname covered in this third lineage: ****STONE*****Dates covered in this lineage: Mid-1300s to mid-1600s ((((This is a work-in-progress))))

LEWIS JONES ca 1632 to Watertown

Lewis JONES appeared in Watertown ca 1630 and married into a very "old" family: STONE. Some genealogists have linked him to various English, Welsh, etc families but without sufficient proof to suit my standards. It has even been said that he came here through the Barbadoes and a family "crest" is provided which is entirely bogus. Having spent 25 years searching for the origins of this man myself, and unearthing everything I can find about him, I am afraid I will go to my grave not knowing much about him.


#1) LEWIS JONES, m in Roxbury in 1640 ANNA STONE. #2) JOSIAH JONES b 1643 m in CHARLESTOWN/WATERTOWN on 2 OCT 1667 LYDIA TREADWAY. #3) JOSIAH JONES, Jr, b 2 Oct 1670 m in MARLBORO ca 1692 ABIGAIL BARNES. #4) WILLIAM JONES b 4 Jan 1707 m in WOBURN on 25 Dec 1733 SARAH LOCKE. #5) WILLIAM JONES,JR b 11 May 1737 m in GROTON MA on 15 Feb 1763 SARAH STONE. #6)JOHN JONES b 22 May 1764 m in HANOVER MA on 12 Feb 1792 MARY TURNER. #7) WILLIAM STONE JONES b 5 Dec 1813 m in WINDHAM NH 26 Apr 1848 HANNAH P. HUGHES. #8) HERBERT MORTIMER JONES b 13 Feb 1849 m in FITCHBURG MA on 24 Mar 1888 ELLA BIGELOW BASSETT. Their son and my father FRANK HERBERT JONES was b 1 Sept 1891 in NORTH ADAMS MA.

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Having been blessed with a most prolific surname like "JONES", and further blessed with a common firstname like "MARY", small wonder I have devoted a great many years to unraveling my genealogy! Fortunately, my forebears in the direct JONES line from firstcomer, Lewis, to my only sibling, Helen, can be visited in one day by going from their final resting places in Watertown to Lunenburg to Greenfield, all in the state of Massachusetts. The road from my lone firstcomer LEWIS JONES, genealogically speaking, produced some interesting facts. The total years elapsed from Lewis to me were 320, divided as follows: Lewis 36, Josiah 27, William 30, William Jr 27, John 49, William 35, Herbert 42, Frank 38. Thus the average for a generation was 36 years. ***** Generation # 1 -- Lewis produced only one son to carry on the JONES surname, had 21 grandchildren and added to the direct line the surnames STONE, CLARKE and WHITNEY. ****** Generation # 2 -- Josiah produced six sons to carry on the name, had over seventy grandchildren and added to my direct line the surnames: TREADWAY, HAYNES, COOLIDGE, BREWER, WOOLSON, MOORE, WARREN, MIXER, GARFIELD, FLAGG and 4 unknowns. ****** Generation # 3 -- Josiah Jr produced four sons to carry on the JONES surname, had twenty-nine grandchildren and added the surnames: BARNES, GOODENOW, WORTHINGTON, WILLIAMS, BROWN, ALLEN. ****** Generation # 4 -- William produced four sons to carry on the name, had thirty-one grandchildren plus SILENCE SMITH's children and added to my direct line the surnames: LOCKE, CUTTER, FOSTER, FOSKETT, WHITMORE, BARRETT, BENNETT, SMITH. ****** Generation # 5 -- William Jr produced three sons to carry on the JONES surname, had at least nine grandchildren and added the surnames: STONE, FARWELL, POLLARD, two HOUGHTONs, ELLIOTT, LIVERMORE. ****** Generation # 6 -- John produced four sons to carry on the surname and had so far uncounted grandchildren, and added the surnames:TURNER, OAKHAM,CURTIS, FARWELL, HUGHES. ****** Generation # 7 -- William produced only one son to carry on the surname, had two grandchildren and added the surnames HUGHES, THOM, PILLSBURY, BASSETT. ****** Generation # 8 -- Herbert Mortimer produced only one son to carry on the JONES surname and had but two grand daughters and added the surname BIGELOW. Thus the end of MY JONES SURNAME LINE!!!